Are we a good fit for each other?
You may notice I don’t post a lot of details, posed shots, or group photos. I still take all of these. However, I give a lot of my focus to moments of connection between people. During the ceremony, I turn around to see if your family members are holding hands, if your wedding party has wrinkled chins from keeping back happy tears and if kids are falling asleep in their parent’s laps. During the toasts, I’m photographing the person nervously giving the toast, your sweet glances at each other, and your family’s reactions as they slap their knees and double over in laughter. I know the formal stuff is important, but I also fully believe you will cherish photos of yourselves and your loved ones just being in the moment and celebrating the day with you. If you feel the same way, I’d love to work with you.

Do you work with a second photographer?
For many of my weddings, I actually love working solo. I know it’s all the rage to have two photographers but working alone allows me to completely focus and be fully present. However, depending on the size of your wedding and schedule, you may want to opt to have a second photographer. The people I hire are wedding photographers themselves, but just happen to not have a wedding that day.

How many photos can we expect?
This varies widely, but around 75 photos per hour of coverage.

Do you have backup gear? Liability Insurance?
Yes and Yes.

How can we get you to photograph our wedding?
You can connect with me here or just send me an e-mail at tina@loveridgephotography. I prefer to meet in person or skype with you before you book just so you can make sure I’m a good fit. Afterall, I will be spending most of your wedding day with you. Then I require a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold your date and a signed contract. Bookings are first-come-first-serve and I cannot reserve your date without a deposit/contract.