aging with grace

I ran a mile this morning at physical therapy and it was glorious!aging-treadmill

After not running since December 2010 I went through almost a year of PT, chiropractors, and the ultimately hip surgery. Finally, I’m nearing normal hip use. My first event for running after surgery came last week when Adam and I were trying to make a connection at Chicago O’hare (we failed). Then, this morning my PT said, “let’s do some running today.” My lungs hurt and my legs are sore, but I was so happy to see a resemblance of past abilities.

The whole experience, from start to finish, made me realize that I’m aging. When I was 20, I couldn’t imagine being 30. I didn’t really wear sunscreen and did whatever sport I wanted. Now I can see the affects of the sun, especially on my hands and I’m more limited in my physical ability.* It also hasn’t helped that I started seeing gray in my hair. However, I keep telling myself to embrace getting older, to enjoy the next stage. In a culture that elevates youth and disparages any kind of aging, I keep having to tell myself that while my 20’s were super fun, that I wouldn’t like to go back. I know myself so much better and am more confident in who I am. I’m hoping that my 30’s will be about having more courage to live all that out, in relationships, life choices, and photography. Here’s to turning the big 3.0. this year!

*Please excuse the lack of addressing that I’m privileged in society to have been so “able bodied” in the first place.

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  • Ryan TermathJanuary 11, 2013 - 2:51 am

    Welcome to the club! Here’s to the 4th decade of life….

    As someone who is currently 31, and will be 32 in August, I hear you on the “Gah!! I’m getting older!” But your attitude is right on. Aging is not something to get all down and depressed about. You have to look at it with God’s eyes. What do you know, what have you done, who have you met in your 20’s? Why would our 30’s, our 40’s… be different?

    God’s not done with us. I really believe as we get older, we see God more at work in our lives and in others… While I miss the ability and the opportunity to play sports year round, stay up until 3am and get up at 8am with no problem, I know I appreciate and serve God more now than when I was 18…ReplyCancel