Album process

  • E-mail me your selections to the questions below.
  • As soon as you've selected your favorite images, let me know and I'll begin the design. I'll send you a draft to review and you can let me know the edits you would like made (image swaps, highlight different images, etc.). I will send you the final draft to approve before sending it to my album maker.

1) Do you want a Layflat Album or the Hardcover Book?

Layflats have thicker pages with no "gutter" so images can spread over the middle. The hardcover book has thinner pages and do not layflat.


Layflat Albums: $1200 + tax - 12 x 12 Linen Album with 10 Spreads (20 pages) for the base. Select 30-50 of your favorite images. More images will result in more pages ($25 per spread). Make it a leather album for $200 and/or add a mini album for $350 (6 x 6) perfect for parent gifts. Design is identical.


Hardcover Book: $800 + tax - 12 x 12 Linen Hardcover Fine Art Book with 20 spreads (40 pages) for the base. Select around 60-80 favorite images. Additional spreads at $15/spread.

2) What color linen or leather? see options below

*Leather is unavailable in Option 2 (Hardcover)

3) What color debossing do you want?

Rose gold, Gold, or Silver? If you chose leather, debossing is always "blind" and there is no color foil.

4) What do you want to debossing to say? Spell it out exactly how you'd like it to look.

For example:

Jordon & Ana

May 21, 2021




It can be one or two lines.

4) What font would you like? see options below

5) What address would you like the album(s) shipped to?

Some default text here

Option 2 Album

Shipping is included with all orders. As soon as the design is finalized, albums will arrive in 4-6 weeks to allow for production time.