camping, no wait road-trip, ok yeah, camping…

Adam and I just returned from a weeklong vacation that started out like, “We are totally going to get a campspot at the uber-popular coastal campground because we’re leaving on a Thursday.” No dice. So then we drive inland and stay the night at a hot, bug infested one and quickly ditch the idea of staying there as we frantically pack in the morning to get away from the flies. Then we headed north in hopes of getting a site north of San Francisco. Nope. Oh well, there is an awesome free place in Sonoma we could stay. After two restful days we say “Hey! Let’s drive to the Oregon Coast after all!” (we had thought of doing this in the very beginning). 7 hours of driving took us to grassy sand dunes, microbreweries, and crab fishing. Then finally after driving south to the most amazing redwood forest, we camped. If you know me, you know I’m a planner. This trip was very Adam, which is good for me. I usually have spent hours on mapping things out, looking on yelp, and figuring out the maximum way to efficiently use our time and money. It’s good for me to meet him at the middle and throw the plans out the window (sometimes!).

The whole trip is filled with texts to friends saying “so…can we stay with you? like tomorrow?”. Thank you to everyone who meet up with us, hosted us, and fed us. We are so amazing grateful to have spontaneous, fun and generous friends. Oregon-3Oregon-13 Oregon-7Oregon-22 Oregon-18Oregon-25 Oregon-35 Oregon-41 Oregon-50Oregon-65 Oregon-61Oregon-77

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