joshua tree engagement photography // brenna & josh

Ok, so the title is a little misleading. Brenna and Josh would probably appreciate it if I told you all that they are not yet engaged. They did, however, agree to let a group of photographers practice our skills and have some fun in Joshua Tree. A group of women photographers decided to hang out in the desert, make some meals together, and rest. Brenna and Josh got up before the crack of dawn and meet us at our adorable Airbnb for a sunrise session. Here are some of my favs. Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-1 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-3 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-2 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-4 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-6 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-7 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-5 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-8 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-10 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-11 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-9 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-12 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-13 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-16 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-17 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-18 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-21 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-19 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-22 Joshua-Tree-Engagement-Photography-23

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