corrine & Alan's Wedding

June 17, 2023

Cass Winery

Oyster Ridge Wedding

Emphasis on natural moments, canids, enjoying the party, and photos of Goose

Schedule Example - 8 Hours

1:00 Getting ready photos

2:00 Dress goes on

2:20 Guys "finishing touches" (jackets, bouts, cufflinks, etc.,)

2:45 First look, all wedding party photos

3:30 Immediate family photos

4:00 Break in formal photography

4:30 Ceremony

5:00 Cocktail Hour

6:00 Guests invited to be seated, formal entrance, (first dance?)

6:30 Dinner served

7:00 Photos of just the two of you

7:15 Back inside to get ready for toasts

7:30 Toasts

7:50 Formal Dances

8:05 Open Dancing

9:00 I say farewells - you keep partying

California Elopement Photographer
La Purisima Mission Wedding