Whenever I’m juggling many large commitments, I find myself saying, “If I can just make it to Tuesday.” This past couple of months have been such a season and I made it! I was finishing a large paper for grad school, doing some super fun shoots, and working on some side projects. My motto was “If I can just make it to Catalina.” For the last 8 years we have gone to Catalina during June to attend our regional meetings for the campus ministry Adam works for (I did as well, but left in January). We hiked, swam, ate awesome food, and celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (yikes!). We back and feeling more grounded. Summer will bring some more fun projects, weddings, and a little bit of travel. We’re also attempting to simplify our house using this as a guide. Wish us luck! Happy Summer!!
Catalina Island

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  • Sarah OuJune 15, 2013 - 11:49 pm

    Such a great link for living simply! I should use to de-clutter my life as I move out and into my new apartment 🙂 Thanks Tina! Miss you 🙂 *hug*ReplyCancel