San Luis Obispo Newborn // Megan and Matt

Megan and Matt were in the same birthing class as Adam and I. Then, by a wonderful coincidence, Calvin was born on the same day as our Hazel. It’s been so nice to have someone to text asking, “do you think this is normal?”. We’re pretty smitten with their family and are excited to see our little birthday buddies grow up.
Megan-and-Matt-4 Megan-and-Matt-2 Megan-and-Matt-18 Megan-and-Matt-6 Megan-and-Matt-5 Megan-and-Matt-12 Megan-and-Matt-17 Megan-and-Matt-19 Megan-and-Matt-15 Megan-and-Matt-8 Megan-and-Matt-7Megan-and-Matt-25Megan-and-Matt-26 Megan-and-Matt-23 Megan-and-Matt-21

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