Second photographer guide

Thank you so much for helping me out! This is guide just to make sure we're on the same page during the wedding day.

getting ready

F-Stop And Lenses

Shot at 2.8 or wider for portraits. You can bump it to 4.0 for group photos. Keep your shutter speed above 250 during daylight to help ensure photos are in focus.


You can hang out with your 50mm throughout the day. If you have a 70-200 or 85, this would be great for the ceremony.


Please criss-cross locations with me during the ceremony so we can cover all the angles. I'll help instruct you where to stand during the processional.


After the couple recess I like to follow them and take a few more photos. Stay at the base of the aisle and photograph the bridesmaids and groomsmen recessing as well as the parents if possible (sometimes they'll shake hands or give a hug to each other).

General Shooting

If I'm doing any formal portraits other than the couple, I generally don't need you to shoot the same thing. You can look for candids happening or help with adjusting the dress, grabbing water, etc. I'd rather not shift through many photos where a group is looking at the wrong angle.

Framing your shot

Don’t cut off toes, limbs and shoulders in portraits. Shoot at eye level with your subject so it's flattering (no upward angles). For children, get at their eye level. With formal portraits, simple is best.


If photographing portraits, please make sure to get these 2 shots, full body vertical and quarter length vertical, not cutting off toes or limbs in full body shots and in open shade.

Cocktail hour

Try and get a photo of every couple in attendance at the wedding, especially couples that are a part of the wedding party. You can just approach people who are together and ask for a photo. Also, if there is any details of food, signage, flowers, etc. Otherwise, as many candids of people enjoying themselves is much appreciated.


Please be aware of where I'm shooting from and try to make sure you’re not in my shot and glance at me every few minutes during key times like the ceremony/first dance/toasts to see if I’m trying to get your attention to ask you to move or get another angle.


Please dress professionally. I usually wear all black just so the color of my clothes don't color cast onto the white dress. Please avoid wearing jeans but do dress comfortable enough to move around. I also suggest a jacket for at night.


  • Kindness to the couple and guests is the most important thing to me. You could have stellar images, but any rudeness or unkindness ruins it all.
  • Feel free to ask me for help if you need any at all. I'm especially open to other questions during dinner.
  • Please do not post, share, or submit any images to third party sites (wedding wire, the knot, google, etc.). Images may be used on your website, blog, or private portfolio pieces to be shown to clients. I ask that you wait about three months just so I can deliver the images to the couple first.